Schweser Videos

This is the first year I have access to the Schweser Videos. I was wondering how to best integrate them into my studying? Should I use the Videos as a substitute or complement to the Schweser Notes? I am leaning towards using them as a substitute but making sure I do all Schweser and CFAI EOC questions. Any other suggestions?

never mind!

there is a lot of stuff which is glossed over even in the Schweser books - so do so with a great deal of thought…

I’m sure that there are people that have passed L3 just by watching videos and doing a few dozen hours of practice problems. But for the great majority of L3 candidates, this would be inadequate.

To have a reasonably good chance of passing, I recommend that in addition to watching the videos, you read the shwesser notes cover-to-cover, and do all 3 of the old morning exams provided by CFAI.

I would not rely on just the videos, IMHO. They are helpful in that they highlight material to focus on, but I don’t feel that they cover enough to be a substitute for the texts.