Schweser Vol 1 Exam 2 PM

Did anyone else have trouble with Schweser Vol 1 Exam 2 PM session? So far my scores are: Exam 1 AM: 76.67% Exam 1 PM: 82.5% Exam 2 AM: 84.17% Exam 2 PM: 75.83% Not sure why my score decreased so much…its disappointing.

i think it’s already good enough…did you take morning and afternoon sessions in one day or in seperate days? i always score lower in the afternoon session, maybe out of the tiredness from the morning.

I haven’t taken any of the practice exams yet (I’m going to start next weekend) but those are all passing scores by a fairly wide margin. You really only need to be around 70%. I am pretty sure the practice exams get more difficult as you progress through them. So, that is probably why your scoring has dropped some. I’ve never used Schweser before until now so someone please correct me if I am wrong. m

yeah spartan those scores are great. don’t fret man!!!

Thanks for the support, everyone. Going through the exam it looks like I chose mostly on the wrong side of questions narrowed down to two answers. I know that there has been a lot of talk on Elan Guides in this forum. I am going to purchase the mocks/eleventh hour/videos package for $150 tomorrow to reinforce my weak areas. Has anyone used the videos? Are they quality? I here Schweser’s are terrible. Thanks again!

I’ve been using elan’s ultimate package and I’m very satisfied with all their materials. You should definitely get the mock exams and the eleventh hour. As far as the videos are concerned, I suggest you watch their sample video on options and then decide.They are very useful when studying material for the first time or if you don’t know it too well. It seems like you are already on top of your stuff, so use the samples to see how much value they’ll add for you at this stage.