Schweser Vol. 1 Exam 3

Is it just me or is Schweser intentionally trying to make this material obscure… I mean the questions are obtuse, the solutions are obtuse. Does anyone else thing Schweser’s exams are a bit messed and convoluted?

exam 3 especially so - - Vol 2 better

yes, do Vol 2. Much more clear

by the way - - don’t want to post this in the Level 3 Poll for fear of getting banned but the total # will never reflect lurkers - - i only got a password about a month ago although i’ve checked the site since august of last year - - kind of a pain to get a password - - can’t use a gmail acct etc - - gotta be thousands on this site given 90k + sign up for some level of the test

I mean it’s almost counter productive.

that is all we have man, that is all we have…

In my opinion, V1 #3 PM is the worst one. It’s definitely not helping my confidence level. It’s hard to follow which paragraphs go with which questions at times.

LOL, I answered one of the questions for q15 thinking it was about one paragraph in the vignette, and they were talking about a completely different paragraph! I didn’t even figure it out until I re-read the answer online about five times! What a time waster.

they do that on purpose imo so that the real test is easier. it’s like, wow, i can actually understand what the questions are asking me! i’m definitely going to get this right! i agree that it is counter productive though.

james – I remember you and i were on the same page about stuff like this for L2 last year. I completely agree. Schweser’s questions are completely absurd. They ask non-specific or inadequately descriptive questions and only an arbitrary subset of the possible correct answers to the questions are actually correct in their key. I did all of volume 1 and the first AM test out of volume 2. The volume 2 test I took was the worst in this regard, including multiple things that I assume were errata – for example, a required return calculation that is supposed to be based on 8 years, but then says it’s supposed to be based on 4 years, and doesn’t take into account at ALL the difference between income and expenses in the years leading up to retirement. anyway, I’m just going to do the old CFA problems in the volume 2, take the mock or sample (whatever the free CFAI website resources are), and really just do CFAI questions from here out. Schweser is ridiculous. The whole “and also deduct 10-15% from your score just because” on each scoresheet is just the icing on the cake. Based on taking last year’s CFA L3 a couple weeks ago, I would actually score 10-15% higher on CFA exams than schweser. that is my last rant on this board, hopefully.

I have just done Scweser vol 1 & 2 PM sessions. WTF. Seems like almost a waste of time. Got 68% on 1 and 66% on the other but some guesses really random stuff. Not sure if I want to do 3. Do you guys think the AM sessions are worth it? Ive done sample 1, sample 2, old real exams. I am dleiberating on sample 3 & mock, or Scweser Vol am’s. What do you guys think?

Vol 2 is MUCH MUCH better

much easier too

I quit half way while doing V1 Exam 3 PM. It’s f’n ridiculous.

at least log on and print the answers, that is quite useful and you don´t need to read those f* 3 pages descriptions before answering each question