Schweser Vol 1 Exams...Way too Easy?

Is it just me or are those exams easier than they should be? I felt confident after taking them and scoring in the hi 70s then realizing after taking CFAi mock, that they are much easier than how the actual test will be…anyone else agree? I say this not to brag but more to say is it even worth it to review these…give me false confidence this far out that is not helpful

IF you think these are easy you are well off.

They are easier, but only if you studied directly from the schweser material (a lot of the questions are testing specific items they call out in the text).

IMO, if your scoring in the high 70s you are doing well and just need to keep up the intensity until the exam. You are sure doing better than I am.

I didnt use Schweser…did CFAi text, CFA EOCs and Stalla notes to review

I’m not saying theyre super easy…just not representative of how hard the exam will be. Just allow a lot of bailouts in my opinion rather than testing the hardest issues…I failed L2 once because all I did was focus on Schweser exams…was scoring in the mid 80s and failed band 6

I used mainly Schweser on every level, other than ethics. On level I i didn’t crack any CFAI books (again excluding ethics) and aced it.

Level II I supplemented very lightly with CFAI on some FSA stuff and equities stuff, but 80% schweser, aced it.

Level III I think you need to use the CFAI books for ethics and private wealth / institutional wealth, but other than that Schweser is fine.

I found the Schweser mocks to be pretty damn good at every level. Of course, I always take everything CFAI has to offer, and if it’s between the two always use CFAI. But if it’s forced to be a decision between the two, you aren’t preparing enough.

that is a known fact.

you are also grading these yourself, and there is a self bias introduced during that process.

unless you severely discount yourself (which is going to be difficult behaviorally) - you will always end up with a higher score.

additionally - the language, the environment under which you take the test, (absence) of time pressure - may lead you to do better now…

just look at these as practice, and hope everything comes together on D-Day. No point in discussing this with others. you might also be super well prepared. so you are golden.

thanks CP…had my wife grade them actually…just based on the answer guide…I told her to stick to letter of the law with the answers…and cant discount on the MC

The ethics in particular seemed way easier…those are always more ambiguous on TEst day