Schweser Vol 1 vs Vol 2 exams

What do you think of the two volumes? If you have already gone through one, do you feel the $ would be better spent on a different test provider rather than purchase the 2nd Schweser volume?

I’ve gone through all my study material, trying to decide what’s best for this home stretch - continuing to go over questions I’ve missed (but already reviewed) or ordering 2nd Schweser exam book.

Good luck to everyone these next few weeks

I have to still take my 1st test - CFAI Past exams, Schweser-Vol-1, Vol-2. I think I don’t have sufficient time to do all, would appreciate if someone tells me if Vol-2 is worth the penny?

I am definitely going to do the CFAI past exams. the question is to do V1 or V2?

I only took Vol 1, I do think it was worth the $ and comparable to the CFAI past exams. I would recommend it if you have the time.