Schweser Vol 2 easier than Vol 1

I thought this was easier than Vol 1. Just my opinion.

score? :slight_smile:

Score was higher than Vol 1 :slight_smile:

I just got school on Volume 2 Exam 2 PM. I thought I had like a 70%+…was very confident, but alas 62 was my fate. I’ve heard murmors that it was the hardest one though, though it seemed easier to me. I generally agree, Vol 2 is easier, and the differential there used to be in L1 and L2 between the two books is no longer there. I’m not sure if it’s an L3 thing or if Schweser just got with the program better…

i got 78% on Exam 2 PM. Overall i think it was easier, because all questions were like “Hey, remember that one phrase on page xxx, here is the straight forward question about it” So that is why it was easier

Yeah…it seems when you think you did good, you did bad, and vice versa.

i found the AM for Vol 2 test 1 to be brutal. PM was pretty easy.