Schweser vol exam II PM

Anyone find this one pretty difficult? I scored a 70 which is ok but I was looking for 75-80, anyhow I thought the exam was very similar to CFAI questions in style of questions and difficulty. I did think the readings were longer then CFAI though.

i think it was not even close to CFAI exam 1) LOOONG reading with a lot of meaningless sentences 2) A LOT of calculations

yea I agree with the long questions but i thought the answers made you think more into the concepts then just remembering some list or something. There was a descent amount of calcs I think I used about a page of scrap paper, I have yet to review it so that’ll give a better indication. How’d you feel about the difficulty?

I think difficulty is reasonable, and not the easiest test i’ve taken. What it lacked is a degree of trickiness usually present at CFAI exams

Overall I thought the test wasn’t too bad, I just messed up royally on item 18 - that one was rough. Lucky to get by with a 70%.

yea 18 was rough… didn’t do so hot on that one. and I keep getting ethics questions wrong that hurt too.

sorry to bump, but this one is fresh for me. 17 and 18 f’ing killed me. 2/6 on both. Ethics was very good to me. I agree with CSK…very long questions with useless paragraphs.

It was tough, I found it had a fair bit of trickier/specific questions and more complicated fixed income derivative (knee deep high in…) questions.