Schweser Volume #1 AM Exam #3 (GENERAL QUESTION - NO SPOILERS)

Hey all,

Curious if anyone else felt that exam #3 in volume 1 was a bit “weird.” I was shooting to trend upward, but regressed. I didn’t feel it was more “difficult” in the traditional sense, but just somewhat odd. It seems to contain more poorly written questions AND answers. Also, the templates and spacing provided were not sufficient based on the sample answers. Maybe it’s just me!

Thanks for reading.

Provider Date am score Kaplan #1 4/29/2017 63.89% 2014 am 4/30/2017 62.78% Kaplan #2 5/1/2017 70.56% 2015 am 5/2/2017 75.56% Kaplan #3 5/6/2017 65.56%