Schweser Volume 1 Exam #1 Results

to give u guys a heads up, here are my results (most of my bad results in Equity was from competitive strategy; most of my bad results in derivatives were from options) Ethics: 5/12 FSA: 11/18 Equity: 18/24 Econ: 3/6 Fixed Inc: 8/12 PM: 5/12 Quant: 8/12 CF: 6/12 Derivatives: 6/12

Is this the 120 minute sample exam, or the 180 minute mock exam?

this is volume 1 of the schweser study notes. volume 1 book of 3 exams

how did you quantify your results… did you type them out and calculate your vignette scores, or did the results come as such online? If you typed it all out, then I wouldn’t expect others here to have that gutso.

Ethics: 7/12 FSA: 13/18 Equity: 19/24 Econ: 4/6 Fixed Inc: 9/12 PM: 8/12 Quant: 8/12 CF: 8/12 Derivatives: 9/12 85/120 = 70.83% i feel like these tests are such a small sample size, though, of the total material. after taking my 1st practice test for L2 i’m almost more inclined to say use practice tests less as a gauge on this level since scores might take big swings depending on whether or not your good areas are in the test. that said, i didn’t think i’d post a 70 yet, was pleased with these results, but i know i have a TON more to go if i’m going to even get close to passing this thing come test day. i have wayyyy too many holes that could be exposed right now if i sat today. time to review.

hell i think ur in good shape. sure beats me

nice score bannis. i took a.m. last week and got a 63.3, then p.m. today and got the same.

I got 77 on am and 67 on pm. Ethics, Derivatives, Corp Gov, and Competitive Advantage crushed me. I got 50% or less on each of those.

funny i was the exact opposite… 67 on am and 80 on pm

Test 1 AM: Ethics: 6/12 FSA: 5/6 Equity: 16/18 Econ: 5/6 Fixed Inc: 9/12 PM: 4/6 45/60 = 75% Bannisja, you are right. Its difficult to get an idea of our preparation level based on a single test. Yesterday I got 86.67% in Book 7 1AM and today 75% in Book 6.

kabhii - if you and Nib are finding it difficult to score then I better initiate my talks with the CFAI to postpone my case for June-O-9.

its interesting how everybody is finding the Ethics in 1 am book 6 to be brutal. we are all falling into the same traps

Test 1 AM 75% Ethics: 9/12 FSA: 5/6 Equity: 14/18 Econ: 5/6 Fixed Inc: 7/12 PM: 5/6

62% 1am last weekend (ethics beat me up there as well) 70% 1pm this weekend the average scores in online access were about 62/63 for both if I remember correctly (a/o yesterday)

man excellent scores guys! you guys are in great shape, keep it up as for me, after reviewing my test, i relaized i marked some right answers wrong so i move up to a total of 73/120 meh

Hmm, my first test of the full material. 1am 67%, 1pm 62%. I was actually very surprised with the score - I think I knew only a third of the questions. Quant & FSA, I hadn’t done any questions sinice reading the CFAI text a couple months ago. Couldn’t remember put/call parity, couldn’t remember swap pricing equations, etc. etc. I just finished reading the full CFAI text 2 days ago, so now it’s just revision revision revision on Q-bank. I hope those scores go up big time over the next 2-3 weeks.

68% overall. Got smoked on Ethics/Eco…got lucky on derivs. FSA was straightforward. Overall not impressed.

65% 0/6 in competitive strategy

72 % in AM 66% in PM Average 68% Need to revise FSA and Equities big time Ethics 9/12 FSA 13/18 Corp fin 9/12 PM 10/12 Der 8/12 EQT 14/24 Econ 2/6 FI 10/12 Quant 8/12

63 in am and 68 in pm