Schweser Volume 2 AM answers.

Sch. vol 2 A answers are quite detailed, to the extent of being verbose. They have not segrgated the answers in the “For the Exam” & “Discussion” format as in Vol 1. Which is the write way of writing answers. I think I am scoring quite low in Vol2 AM since my answers are not as detailed as expected in the answer key. How are you guys deciding the marking for Vol 2?

I thought these answers for volume two were also particularly narrow. Often there seemed to be more that one answer for a question but Schweser have a very specific view of the answer and don’t give alternatives. I’m hoping the CFAI markers have more alternative answers…

Guys… any idea whether to keep your answers precise or give detailed explanations that make sense?

I’m going with precise, I can’t write quickly enough for huge detail

the shorter the better I think, as long as you are to the point