Schweser Volume 2 - Exam 1

Hi All,

Just finished Schweser Volume 2- Exam 1 and ended up with a disappointing score : Avg 55% across AM and PM…stopping my upward score trend …was scoring around 63-66T% till now…

Found PM and FRA extremely difficult…

Anyone out there who has taken this test yet…how has the score been? Did you find it difficult too?

These tests demotivate severly…knowing other peoples scores may help!!

I scored around 68.5% am and 57.5% pm… There was something about that one exam that I didn’t get either. That was my only exam were I scored less then 68.5% (I haven’t scored higher either, thats for another post). Don’t get too discouraged, I got rocked on it too. Give it some time and retake it, a) you will do it in half the time so its not a big time commitment, and b) it will reinforce the lessons you should be learing by taking these exams and scoring low. Remember these are practice exams, low scores dont mean “not passing,” they are an oppertunity to work out the kinks before the actual exam. Learn from your mistakes and use them to dominate another practice exam. The more you see the better you get.

Yea…lets hope that it was one tough exam…One interesting comment here about retaking the exams…do you think it adds value doing the same stuff again…compared to another quick review of the theory?

Anymore ppl who have taken this test yet? What kind of scores youve got??

I think retaking the exam is just another way to solidify the lessions I learned from my mistakes. If I read over it I will remember it for a week (or half a week), but if I retake the whole exam I am working through the problems again and actively using the logic, or method that was explained in the answer to find the correct answer. Kinda like reading about driving a car and actually driving a car, you learn more from the driver’s seat. That being said you may not have the time and it may be more worth your time going over the entire topic. Everyone is different, I am still trying to find my way through all this.

Would you time it while retaking?

To be honest I dont time any of my exams. Don’t spend too much time on something you don’t know and go back if you finish early, you should have no problem keeping within the time frame. However, you will probably not even get near the 3 hour mark because you know the answers and the processes. This just makes you work through them again so as to help cement them in your mind. At least that is something I found usefull.