Schweser Volume 2 Exams

Does anyone use these? I have taken the Volume 1 exams and done pretty well, but Volume 2 seems to be way harder and longer than what I would expect on the actual exam. Anyone with insight on these exams? Are they worth it to take and get crushed on to destroy confidence?

No one has taken any of these? I guess it would be considered book 7 for Schweser? The questions just seem way to long and time consuming. Should we be spending our time on them or just stick to book 6 and Qbank

I did one Vol. 2 exam. It took me like 4 hours and I got about 71. Just drop this book. It’s not worth it. Drill book 6 and qbank. I took the exam june 08 and there was nothing as hard as Vol. 2.

This is a bit of a mystery ? why is this book just forgotten about, I’ve done one of the exams in “book 7” and scored no different than I have scored in book 6.

jonnyc, I think you’re a bit of a mystery. From your posts it looks like you’re saying Qbank difficulty = Book 6 difficulty = Book 7 difficulty That is just not true for 95% of the L1 population.

I disagree, however, when I do Qbank i do disclude the easy questions so maybe that needs to be said to qualify my statement.

not touching book 7. i was considering it till i read all the AFs post saying it was just a confidence shattering waste of 4hrs… ill spend that time reviewing CFai end of text questions and qbank thks

I have done Exams 1 + 2 in book 7. They are great to really drill multiple concepts into your head.

Wow that’s news to me… from what I read, I got that Schweser Volume 1 (Book 6) is harder than Volume 2 (Book 7) but we should still DO IT anyway. So what everyone is actually saying is to NOT do Book 7?? I’m on a really tight schedule bc I’m not even done reviewing yet. Since I don’t have enough time to do it all, I was planning on doing two tests from Book 6 and three tests from Book 7… but now that doesn’t seem like a good plan! You think I should do all the tests from Book 6 & forget Book 7??

I have no idea what you are talking about, I haven’t even heard of book 7! I’m struggling enough with Book 6! I really don’t get book 6 sometimes, I’ve done the CFAI samples and the ethics online test and get into the 70’s, but still stuggle to get 55% on the Scwheser book 6. Whats wrong with me??

Book 7 is the second volume of practice exams, Book 6 being the first volume.