Schweser Volume 2 Practice Exams: Waste of time?

Hey guys, I bought the 2010 Schweser books and just finished taking the 3 exams in Volume 1, averaged around 80% for the 3 tests. I’ve heard that Volume 2 is not representative of the actual test and not worth the time. Is this true and would time be better spent doing other review/practice? Thanks

I would not call it a waste of time. I can not discuss what was on the real exam but here is what I can tell you. They say Volume 2 has more calculations than the real thing okay…Fine let us assume it is true… That does not meen that the type of questions in Volume 2 can not show up on the real exam. They would just not show up as much as the non calculation questions. So there is a lot to gain from doing them if you have time! Your scores are VERY good for this far out before the exam. In a matter of fact they would still be good if it was the night before the exam. Keep up the work

gulfcfa, can you comment on the schweser qbank. Is the comparable (easy/hard) or is it the same thing that thisisbrainly talking about… thanks.

Thanks gulf, I guess I’ll keep chugging on the Volume 2 tests. You’re right, nothing to lose. I’d also be interested to get your opinion on how Qbank compares in difficulty, etc…

Regarding Qbank, the weighted average difficulty of Qbank is much lower than the real exam… But in reality, any questions from Qbank is fair game on the CFA exam… cause you do have easy questions on the CFA exam and you have harder ones… I say to best approximate the real thing, set Qbank on advanced+intermediate Advanced alone wont reflect the real exam, there will be questions on the real exam that you will answer in 10 seconds or less… Overall use Qbank for practice but to test your preparation mocks are better… I would say 85 on Schweser mocks, and 75 on CFA mocks, and you are 99% likely to pass That does not meen with scores bellow that you will fail, just smaller confidence interval… I think most of you guys who are working hard will be fine. It is very unlikely that you will fail. Yes 60% fail the exam, but a lot of those guys are being asked to take the exam by their boss so they just go take it…others think just because they have an MBA they should pass with a week of studying…others register and never get the time to study but they say might as well go since i paid for it…

I remember doing some of volume 2 for level 2 - in general they were fairly complex. I did cherry pick a few problems to work on. I did all of the ethics problems a day or 2 before the exam. If I needed more practice with certain topic areas, I’d just go through the answers and find the appropriate questions.