Schweser vs CFA books for June '08

I will be signing up to write L1 in June '08, but am currently waiting to pass my 6 month probation at work in order for my employer to pay for it. My registration will be in January. In the meantime I have the schweser notes/books for the 2006 curriculum and I’d like to get a head start on studying as I will have a week off from work in December and I am currently working only 45hrs/week. I am wondering if anyone knows what the major differences are in the material and what sections of the material I should currently focus on right now with the '06 schweser books that I have available. From my understanding, ethics is the one part I should probably pick up from the CFA material as they could be strict on the questions, however, from a practical point of view I don’t see how economics, accounting, asset valuation, and portfolio management would be any different. Would it be safe to assume I can start studying the Schweser '06 material economics, PM, and asset management as they should be fairly similar to what the institute is issuing for reading materail? I just graduated with an accounting undergrad and have done the exam questions on accounting just to see where I stand and so far so good. Thoughts?