Schweser vs CFA books

Do the Schweser notes cover everything? What if you did not even open the CFA books and strictly relied on Schweser. How much are you truly missing out on??

Not much

Last year I think Schweser skipped over Ibbotson Chen. I think that was like the only thing I remember hearing complaints about.

jpsi1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Not much Thanks :slight_smile: I bought e-book version and tried to open it at work. They blocked the program so I didn’t even bother with them Lets hope I don’t get fked

Well, the EOCs are useful. The rest of it not so much, there’s a lot of ‘filler’ that can really impede retention.

Agree with grumble. EOCs are useful for review, but I guess it is a bit late for that.

I passed last year using only Schweser and CFAI EOC multiple choice questions

Just skipped over Ibbotsen Chen tonight too. Saw it and thought, “Nah…”

I think Schweser actually does include the Ibbotsen-Chen, it’s just astriced I believe, so it’s hard to catch…it’s like a footnote. Either way…what are the odds of 2 years in a row?