Schweser vs. CFA materials.. or both?

Was wondering how many of you are going to buy the Schweser materials now that the official CFA materials are included with the registration? Are most people using both? I only used Schweser for Level I and was successful, but I haven’t decided if I want to spend the extra $$ on them when I already have the CFA materials. Any advice?

Yeah, pony up the scrilla for Schweser. Otherwise, start reading now, and if you take about an hour break per day for sleep, you MIGHT get throught the CFA materials.

Agreed. I only used Schweser for Level 1. I actualy read the whole book on ethics and statistics and am pretty ticked that I wasted the time doing so. I don’t know how level 2 is looking yet because I haven’t started studying but I plan on attacking it the same way, breaking out the CFA texts only when necessary. I have the study notes and they seems to be a lot thicker than they were for Level 1. The text books are monsters and are extremely redundant IMO.

Great advice – thanks guys. Looks like I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas.