Schweser vs CFA practice exam difficulty?

It goes without say that the CFA practice exams are more accurate than the Schweser ones, but what which one is more difficult?

the CFA practice exam is more difficult than the Schwesers.

I don’t think I’m allowed to tell you how difficult the CFA real exam is. All I can say is that if you can get high 60s, low 70s on Schweser you should be just fine.

thanks cleverCFA for the comment. ive done sooooo many schweser mocks and only 1 CFAI mock and i always kept asking myself ‘is this really representative of the actual CFA mocks’… by the way i found the CFAI mock just abit more challenging than the schweser ones mainly because they seem to throw around lots of info in questions, some of which is aimed at just confusing you (for lack of a better word) but remain unimportant/useless in answering the question at hand…

I would be more cautious than cleverCFA and suggest you need 70 minimum before you can feel comfortable

Thanks guys. The Schweser EOC questions compared to CFA EOC questions are simply incomparable in my opinion, the Schweser questions being much, much simpler. I had a much harder time doing the the CFA EOC questions, but I haven’t yet had a chance to compare the Schweser and CFA practice tests yet.

Quick question: there is only one CFAi mock available, right?

I would agree that Schweser questions are a bit easier than the actual exam…

How are ELan questions ?

So after doing like four schweser practice tests with reasonably high scores, I decided ‘it’s time to take down that beast’, or at least the closest decoy of it. The morning session was sooo bad I didn’t even want to check the answers to see wchich ones I got wrong (or which ones I got right, that seemed to be a quicker job). Not only there were more calculations involved in each question, for some of them, I didn’t understand what the hell they were asking at all. The afternoon was better but still more difficult than any of the four schweser mocks that I had done. After that, I stopped doing schweser mocks and went back to review the theory stuff. It seemed to pay off in the end.

Hey cuctcuctac howmuch u scored in mock in cfa? What were ur q bank scores ?

I remember scoring ~10% points lower in the CFAI mock compared with the schweser ones. don’t remember much about qbank

BTW is cfa exam passing around 65% ?

You guys should take at least one Elan mock exam. I felt the actual exam was a lot more conceptual than schweser’s practice tests, and Elan’s mocks came closer to replicating the real exam in difficulty. I would actually say they were harder than the real exam.