Schweser vs. CFA1

Im just getting started studying for the June09 Level 1 and I cant decide whether its worth it to purchase the Schweser study package or just study the CFA Level 1 text. Any thoughts? Ive heard Schweser can help a lot. And also what package would people recommend? I think I would only need the study notes but on their site I see about 10 different packages from full on interactive CDs all the way down to flashcards. Any insight is appreciated.

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Stalla. Peter Olinto is my hero

CFAI is good but contains a lot of redundant material

Assuming that I pass Level 1 in December, I’m going to use Stalla for Level 2. I’ve been using solely the CFAI texts, but greatly prefer the Stalla material that a friend of mine has been using to study. The Stalla notes seem to be more “to-the-point” and you could use the CFAI texts for any additional clarification on the subject.

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What about Schwaeser instead of Stalla? Which books are the majority of people out there reading? I always thought it was Schwaeser as they were the better option?