Schweser vs. CFAI exams

So from what I’ve seen on the forums, it seems that the schweser exams are a bit harder than the CFAI mock exams. I haven’t taken any of the CFAI so I don’t really know. People have also said that the CFAI exams are a lot less calculation intensive. I’m wondering, are the people that are great at the number crunching and a little worse on the theory behind it all doing worse on the CFAI exams? I know I’m personally very quant based, and I’m wondering if the lack of computation on the CFAI exams are actually bringing down some of your scores?

From what I’ve heard the actual exam is not that computational, which makes the exam a little harder, in my opinion. They manage to confuse you even with simple definitions, making the choices very similar to each other and therefore testing whether you really know the theory behind the formulas.

Lloyd, yea i was thinking the same thing. I can remember the mechanics of quantitative questions, but am getting nervous on the fact that many of the questions will be conceptual


Everyone does and the exam is full of them… that’s what makes this exam so diffcult learning millions of facts and then trying to re-call them amongst loads of VERY similar answers. ALmost always you can get it down to 2 but after that it’s HARD. Another thing is that CFAI love the two step q’s. Correct-Incorrect, correct-correct, etc that way they can test two concepts in one q. Expect to see a lot of them! Just think, one more week of this bullsht…

I have taken 4 sessions from volume 6 with the below stats range 77 - 67 mean 71.25 I just took my first of the two mock exams from cfai ($100), and scored an 80