Schweser vs CFAI on QM Level II

I read the Schweser QM on L2 and then went to do the EOC questions in CFAI. The only thing I can say is Wow. After having only read Schweser, I had no clue what I was doing on any of the EOC questions. The CFAI questions were absolutely brutal. I had to go read the entire CFAI study session. I’m starting to wonder if I’m actually saving time reading Schweser when I keep having to go back and read the CFAI afterwards.

I wouldn’t get bogged down on the QM portion of the curriculum considering its very low weighting on the exam. If you’ve never been introduced to the regression, AR, ARCH models before, its likely you’re not going to understand them on the first reading anyway. They get pretty complex with a boat load of rules and tests. I would suggest working the CFAI in-text/grey box examples after/during your reading, before you answer CFAI EOC questions. It’s often said throughout this forum that the majority of your studying should be done doing practice problems. Good luck in your studying.