Schweser vs Curriculum

Who recommends Schweser and who recommends the CFA text? Clearly its possible to pass with either, but I’ve experienced that Schweser is more focused in their explanations. I’ve heard that the CFA text for LIII is the better way to go because there is less material and its gives you a better chance at passing on the first attempt.

This has been covered extensively in other threads. It’s a mixed bag, I would say that about 1/2 of the AF users recommend the CFAI text. I passed and used Schweser almost exclusively with very little CFAI reading. I think the CFAI text is very low yield, yes you learn more but at the cost of a lot more hours. My recommendation would be if you are going to study 300+ hrs read the CFAI text, less than 300+ just use Schweser with CFAI to brush up in weak areas.

I would credit my success to my wisdom teeth. I really need to get them taken out, but I wasn’t about to take level 3 without them. sans wisdom teeth, use schweser, fill in the gaps and/or interesting material with CFAI. Alternative investments, derivatives, corp finance were interesting reads that I browsed the texts because I enjoyed them. Also, don’t try to get through GIPS in one sitting, and drink alot of coffee before and during GIPS. Yes, it is that boring

I went through 1 and 2 with the AIMR readings and then switched to Schweser for L3. Big mistake. Part of it was my own taking the exam for granted “shoot…this ain’t so bad” mentality, which I accept. But I have to think that part of it was NOT reading the original AIMR manefestos. My two cents… Willy