Schweser vs. Curriculum

So I started fairly early and actually finished my planned Schweser review ahead of schedule. Having not gone through the material in a while, my concern is forgetting stuff as time goes on. I’ve started reviewing the curriculum but it’s much longer and I’m having second thoughts as I’m getting deeper into it.

Would most on here reccomend reading the curriculum or Schweser once I’ve already gone through Schweser a couple of times?

Thanks in advance for the input.

from top of my head,

check out the performance attribution in CFAI. Currency attribution is calculated differently.

the whole volume 2 (behaviroa, IPS for individual and institution) for sure (schweser is weak and thin on this really really comprehensive material)

maybe fixed income

schweser is good for ethics, gips, alternative investments, economics

Great, thanks!

If you’ve only read through the info once, I’d at least re-read the summaries for all the chapters and do all concept checkers and EOCs (and blue box examples).

Personally, I’m rereading all of schweser fairly quickly and doing all questions in Schweser and CFAI. Starting on the last book.