Schweser vs Elan vs 7city vs Finquiz vs ....

Anyone whose been using 3rd party material for level 2, can you compare the strengths and weakness of each provider

So, I used Schweser videos and notes for my Level 1 last year and I found them to be slightly inadequate. I think Schweser tends to leave out certain important points which are otherwise well covered in the curriculum.

However, looking at the brand value and seeing that I passed the Level 1, I decided to give Schweser another go. But this time I’ve been even more unimpressed with their materials. Specially their video lectures are boring and don’t really clear your concepts well.

I used the demo lectures of Elan guides and I must say that they are certainly much better. Their video series is MUCH MUCH better than schweser’s. Peter Olinto teaches in such a manner which never makes you lose focus and concentration. I’ve heard their practice questions and mock papers are very similar to the actual exam questions. Their eleventh hour guide is a condensed form of the CFAI curriculum. I do not have much idea on how their study notes compare with schweser.

I’m still debating whether to purchase Elan or not because I have already put a lot of money down for buying Schweser materials. However, whenever I ask charterholders how they found the CFA exams, most of them said the one exam in which they failed was the level 2 exam. So I might just buy elan as well.

My suggestion is, if you haven’t purchased already, then go for Elan.