Schweser vs. NYSSA -> Live/Video Class for Level 3

Congratulations to all who passed Level 3.

Has anyone taken the NYSSA or Schweser live or video classes?

If so, please share your thoughts - and if you think the classes were useful in preparing you for the Level 3 exam.

Thank you!

Used Schweser’s videos extensively for L3. Found them helpful.

Schweser Level 3 videos were my main study source. It tells you all the material you need to know. Of course I had the notes and reread them 20 times and wrote tons of notes from the videos.

I would say the vides are less helpful on Portfolio Management (particurally IPS). In those you really need to do back of the book questions and work the blue boxes.

I think the best study session if I were taking this again would be:

Schweser Videos for everything except Ethics (study and study this, know everything that is a video concept)

Schweser Notes - everything except Ethics and GIPS. Skim read as the important topics are covered in the videos. Don’t bother reading GIPS, just study the videos which are very extensive.

CFA - Portfolio Management and particurally the IPS EOC problems and Blue Book examples. Also, do CFA’s Ethic practice questions in April.

Practice AM Mock Tests

Review PM Mock Tests Answers (to me the PM is a waste to practice as I had a handle on it from Level 2)

Any votes for NYSSA level 3 videos / classes - or all votes Schweser videos / classes? :slight_smile: