Schweser vs Stalla for Level II?

I’m trying to decide which test prep package to go with. Prepped for and passed Level I with Schweser, but a number of people I’ve talked to have said that Stalla is actually the way to go. While nothing spectacular, I thought Schweser was more than adequate, and results speak for themselves I guess. Obviously there’s not an absolute way to answer this question, and people will prefer one approach over another for their own reasons, but objectively speaking, how do these two companies measure up, and what are some advantages or disadvantages to each package? Thanks in advance.

I would like an opinion on this too. I used Stalla for Level 1 and I was very satisfied. I dont know if their level 2 material is worthwhile, but I really loved the Level 1 Pass Master and would recommend that for Level 1 guys.

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It doesn’t matter. People pass using both. People fail using both. The most IMPORTANT thing to do is study. There are no shortcuts. If you are that worried, use the CFAI texts… The problem with these questions is that you will get people who like schweser…those who like stalla…and a bunch of people in between.