Schweser weaknesses vs. curriculum?

This has probably been posted before, but has anyone noticed any glaring weaknesses in Schweser that could get hammered on the test (e.g., Treynor-Black in '07)? I read through the curriculum for the biggies like FSA, Asset Val, Ethics, & most of FI, but just didn’t have the time for the rest. I thought Schweser was pretty comprehensive for those areas.

I’d say the temporal method and hyperinflationary economines should be up there. Schweser has a short blurb on it (not sure if CFAI goes into any amount of detail though), but this is an important topic that ties in nicely with other parts of the curriculum.

PM as a whole

agree with PM as a whole, and also i think some of the international econ it may give you the relationships but doesnt explain them well

thanks. went through curric. icapm reading #70 tonight and it seemed to help fill in a lot of gaps. will go through some more tomorrow.

schweser’s PM is absolute garbage (yet again)