Schweser Weekend Review vs. LevelUp Bootcamp Review

For Level I and Level II I strictly used the Kaplan Books to study along with the QBank and CFAI Mock exams supplemented by the Schweser online videos and the 3-day review. Pretty straight forward. It worked for me for Level I and II my first time around for both exams but based on what everyone is saying I am having second thoughts for Level III. Based on all the feedback I have read I was thinking of switching it up and studying from the CFAI books and then using the Schweser videos to supplement that and doing either the LevelUp Bootcamp or the Schweser 3-day weekend review.

With that said, does anyone have any experience with the Schweser 3-day weekend review for Level III? For Level I and Level II I had Jeff Chang as an instructor and thought he was great for Level I and good for Level II. Second time around I wasn’t as thoroughly impressed but still thought the review was worth my time and money. I have seen a lot of posts about the LevelUp Bootcamp but nothing for the Schweser 3-day review session.