Schweser weekly online seminar

How do you like the online class? I don’t understand why for IPS they don’t go over the examples in original books.

I think I prefer it to Stalla. The combination of live video lecture with a teaching assistant-led chat works incredibly well.

I wish he would stop addressing all of the messages he gets from people griping about not getting their bookmarks or emails. Probably 10% of the class is him responding to stupid messages like that.

Has he gotten to IPSs yet?

I agree 100% with jg1996business. I really think that he wastes our valuable time to discuss things like e-mails and trying to answer questions. We have special e-mail address for that purpose. If the question concerns everybody, than it’s OK, otherwise it’s a waste. atpr, We have not got to the IPs yet. I am sure that he will discuss the old exams in class. It’s extremely important.

I am sure he will discuss exams, But there are a lot of examples in the original readings and problems that I think will be extremely useful to go over.

Pretty uncool that they shut down the chatroom this week.