Schweser Windsor 7-days program

Anyone going to that?

i’m seriously considering it but haven’t signed up yet.

check that signed up today…looking forward to it.

Still considering.

I should be going too jabroni. Hope to see you there!

I went last year for level 1 and passed first try so it worked for me. It was nice to get away from everything for a week and just spend time studying.

In…did anybody do the Hotel? seems like it would be a pain.

I didn’t but people that did said it was a pain

Are there wild parties at night?

Thanks crease hope to see you there too. I guess most people stay at the Alumni Hall. I had a buddy go before and he said yes there are some people that go boozing every night at a nearby pub. I like to party but for the cost and purpose involved i’ll probably be a hermit that week and stay in and study. The way i see it i can go on a bender June 8th

I’m with you on that one jabroni…planning to go there and do nothing but hardcore cfa

I’m planning to go there and do nothing but hardcore anal with drunk analyst hos.

skillionaire Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m planning to go there and do nothing but > hardcore anal with drunk analyst hos. all i can say to that is …WOW im gunna give you the benefit of the doubt though and assume you just forgot the ysis at the end of anal? hahaha

I heard that program has a ridiculous pass rate. Like 90% or something. I’ve thought about it.

Really? Wow if thats true it will be sweet

90%?? i seriously doubt that. I know john harris has taught the accounting portion in the past, so it must be useful… 90%? confirm that somehow and i’m there.

That’s the number I’ve heard(…although who knows how they’ve come up with that). It’s pretty high… people who put time in to cover all the material beforehand , then spend 50-60hours in a classroom setting refining the coursework should do well …and now I’ve jinxed myself!

From my experience, most of the people that I know that went passed. any I was one of the ones going to the pubs each night. it is hard to go back and study when you have been doing it for 12 hours

For those that went in the past please advise on the class size for each level?

Probably 100 people or so