I ordered schweser and have only received books 0,4,1 and a highlighter(Perhaps trying to make up for trainer black) Anyone know the shipment schedule? Please don’t make me look it up on my own.

I just received the rest of the books this past Monday.

Huh, thats strange cause I received my package today with only 0,1,4. Wonder why they just didnt send it all at once.

Hey MGG, Long time no see. I just received the other 3 books myself the other day. I’d give it another week then call them to find out what’s going on. It sounds like you ordered your books later than most so they probably send them out in that order.

You’ll get a UPS tracking notification email once they ship your second round of books. I’m having trouble starting this whole studying thing again. I’ve had books 0,1, and 4 for like 1 1/2 months and they’re still in the box. Gotta start soon!

Thanks everyone, I guess I am in no rush I haven’t even looked at the books I do have. Its gonna be painful, I am not even in the same city I took Level I/II in so I have to find a new study spot and a new routine.

Mr G.G, I had the same thing happen. When I looked at the shipping invoice that Schweser sent it was supposed to include books 2, 3 & 5. Give them a call. When I spoke to the service rep she said i just missed the cutoff to receive both. They were pretty good about getting the other three books out to me. Hope that helps.

UPDATE: I have received 2,3 and 5. Now just need to wait for 6