Those that aced the Level 1 exam, can I ask whether you found the level of difficulty in the Schweser book to be similar to the real exam?

schweser’s Q are not difficult. They’re just time consuming. Expect much less calculations. Focus your efforts on understanding concepts. Don’t miss even tiny details as you go over your books as I was surprised to see so many questions on topics that I considered unimportant.

Also, are the questions from the Qbank very different to the Schweser level 1 practice questions booklet? I’m trying to decide whether I should purchase the Qbank.

2x2equals4 , thanks for that.

I didn’t personally use Qbank but from what I hear, it is quite valuable. You should attempt as many Qs as possible to get comfortable with the exam format. Also, CFAI’s sample exams are worth the 50$. They are absolutely similar to the actual L1. Take at least 1 of them if you don’t want to invest a lot of money (they’re actually 6 of them available). The days before L1 I was afraid that time wont be enough (judging from schweser’s book 6 where you can actually spend >5 mins per Q only to calculate portfolio beta). On CFAI’s exams, you can manage in less than 30 secs per Q on average. Hope this helps. GL with your studies.

definetely, qbank is a MUST if you want to increase your chances of passing. i failed last dec and i regret not doing pratice questions. so i agree, even though, schweser’s questions seem to be long, they help you develop and retain the formulas. do as many questions as possible. i just bought mine and am doing Q’s like crazy!