SchweserNotes or Curriculum

Hello, guys. I am a student in Australia. And my major is finance and marketing. I am gonna to join the CFA level 1 June of next year. Actually, I have plenty of times. But now, I confused that some people advise me to read all of things on curriculum and some suggest me straightly read the notes. So, which one is better for preparation? Thanks a lot.

Hey, I have a question regarding this too, so I have Schweser materials for 2018, is it gonna be ok to study them for exam 2020? Is there much difference in general?

Remember in college when the teacher would always ask you to buy the latest edition of the book? Yeah, you could save a couple of bucks and buy last years edition, but she would have no sympathy (not even empathy in my case) for your ass when you started holding up the class and not following along at her speed.

Well, the CFA institute won’t care to fail you if you study OUTDATED CURRICULUM either. They’re going to ask you questions from the 2020 curriculum - NOT THE 2018 CURRICULUM. They change readings every year.

So be wise - besides, should you really be going through all this trouble if $150 worth of books is too expensive? You wanna go manage millions of dollars but can’t justify spending a hundred bucks on books?