SchweserPro - CDs vs. online+download

Assuming I own a laptop and will always have access to it, is there any reason that I would want the SchweserPro CD’s instead of online+download? - I will *not* have internet access while I am studying so I would go with the “download” option - I *will* have internet access whenever needed before or after my studying to get updates & etc.

…Bueller? Any thoughts?

Their servers are swamped before the exam, so questions go very slowly. Go with the CD

Problem with the CD is that if you’re working on two different computers (i.e. work and home) then the stuff you do on one computer won’t be saved when you log in on a different computer (i.e. old exams, performance on quizzes, notes, bookmarks, etc.). Of course you can still access it on the other comp, it’ll just be a pain in the ass to have to reconciliate. I’m currently studying for level I so I haven’t even looked at QBank yet, but this is just my opinion (I thought about this when purchasing my materials). I’m really hoping they got some negative feedback last time around about the servers and will increase the speed of the site in preparation of the December exam.

what is the one-time download version of Qbank?

Get the online version. Then you can log on and use it anywhere. I have and will continue to use the online version.