SchweserPro LOS review

Does anyone else find the LOS review pages in SchweserPro helpful? I do notice there are some key details left out here and there…but it does provide a nice synopsis for refreshing your memory. Easier to cover more material when pressed for time. QP

Is this method working for anyone? Just interested before I invest any significant time. Thanks.

I wouldn’t rely on it solely, but if you have already read the study notes once or twice, the SchwserPro online LOS reviews are a good review tool. As is the Secret Sauce - I purchased it and found it is a really good quick reference tool for final review.

are u referring to the schweser Qbank? if so, I agree its a great review which i have no doubt got me through level 2 last year. great way to cover a lot of ground. (assuming of course you’ve been through the material). this year i printed off all 2200 questions in 8x font double sided paper. going to take me forever…i’ve been through porbably 1/3rd so far having spent about 10 hrs straight yesterday and another 6 hrs today. i’m going to spent the next couple weeks going over schweser pro and will spend the last week (taking a week off) going over mock and previous year’s exams coupled with secret sauce. that’s my strategy.

Thanks for the feedback!