SchweserPro Qbank

I’ve read and re-read all the material a few times and was wondering whether it would be worth the $300 to purchase the SchweserPro Qbank at this point? I plan on using all of May to hammer out practice problems and only have a book of Schweser exams & CFAI exams to go through. Any advice?

I have it and I find it very useful. I get through 600 questions per week and spend the remaining time going over the stuff I didn’t know. I would recommend you get it if you can afford it.

I purchased it as well a couple months ago and I’ve found it very helpful. I would recommend purchasing it, the more questions you see the better prepared you will be. The price is a bit steep but I’ve found it is well worth it.

buy it.

definetly worth the money… your knowledge is only as good as the questions you can answer correctly.