SchweserPro QBank

Hey my lovley combatants, could it be, that the SchweserPro QBank questions are to easy? If I do for example there 120 questions with all degrees of difficulites I score > 80%. I do the Mocks or the practice exams I score definitly below!!! What are your experience??? Nice and succesful sunday

They are too easy.

Try advanced questions only. It will only include vignette style item sets so you can make mock exams with that setting. Some of the the item sets are really challenging. I was averaging 80s with all difficulty setting but low 70s with advanced.

While i found individual qBank questions easy, the 6 part questions seemed fairly ok. I would expect item sets on the actual exams to have 1 or 2 easy qns and some normal ones and 1 really tough question. So if u r doing well in the 6 part qns of qbank, u shd be ok.