schweser's down again.


Yes. Highly annoying.


This is ridiculous. I called them Friday and they said there updating their servers to better facilitate everyone using it this weekend. We all pay thousands of dollars for their services so they can at least make sure the site works 2 weekends before the exam. Everyone should email them at if they are having problems on the site.

yeah. the worst time. i just got done inputting answer 120 on my book 6 exam. sent it. and it timed out. i hate inputting answers.

I feel like we should set up a rota system…! This reliability issue is absurd to say the least.

yeah this is pure sh*t I need to push it to the max this holiday weekend

L3 or L2 repeat will be with Stalla.

i just finished getting ravaged by the book 6 exam 2 am exam and was trying to review what I missed. this sucks. guess i’ll move on to the pm section and try to regain some self-esteem.


clama Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > COME ON SCHWESER … NOT NOW!!! > > F$CKING BASTARDS … Great editing…! The 2nd words not ever one to avoid!

It’s up and running again … every so SLOOWLY, but back up anyway.