Schwesers night fever

Afternoon all,

I hope not everyone is going burnout or picking his lucky letter for the D-day…hehe (Or should I? never understood how they really set the passing grade, is there some kind of passing quota or else…?)

Here is a last one for this friday, a Schweser;

Good Aswer on owning covered stocks:

[…]directly disclose his holdings or have his company issue a generic disclaimer about analyst stock ownership.

A generic disclamer is enough…?

Thanks Guys, have a good weekend,

Speaking for burnout I’ve spent ~3 min trying to understand which topic you address. If I’m correct and you mean Ethics, according to ROS if there is a generic disclaimer on the website I think it’s only recommended to have reference to it in the report.

Sorry man, yes Ethics.

I have been lazy using my My VitalSource search engine, couldn’t find generic disclosure…here is the ROS quote from the CFAI:

[…]firms should determine the appropriate communications method(s) to inform investing clients of the following:

[…]whether the research analyst or firm owns securities or any financial instrument that might reasonably be expected to benefit from the recommendation; or[…]

Not very specific though, and wouldn’t take a Generic Disclosure as enough; just stating that R Analysts can have covered stock is not informing 2whether the research analyst […] owns […]"

Is it?

I guess I am just calling for a burn out (if I didn’t already had one),

No problem, worse case scenario I would come up with formula for generic disclosure valuation :).

ROS requirements state only: “Firms must provide full and fair disclosure of all conflicts of interest to which the firm or its covered employees are subject.”

ROS recommended procedures: “It is recommended that such disclosure, or a page reference to the disclosure, be made on the front of the research report”


We don’t need no stinkin’ disclosure!


I hardly know her!

Haha, Dear MrMagic,

Should I quote the old SLouisCar that back in 2008 was allready going to call MrSchweser about the “stinkin’” disclosure?

I’ll do, I think he had a point (he is the stressed out candidate):


Stressed out candidate: Dude. Just stop this nonsense. 90% of this topic is exactly about overkill. Don’t worry about disclosing that you personally own 1,000,000 shares of that small cap stock. Oh now you want Mike to write the report? Don’t be such a wussbag, we have this generic disclaimer that will take care of it. Yeah that sounds just like something the CFAI would be cool with, a generic disclosure that “should satisfy the requirements of Standard VI(A)”, sorry my bad.

Ethics is hard enough. You start throwing this garbage in there three, four times every 12 questions and how the hell are you supposed to crack a comfortable score in ethics in qbank or on a practice test?


But, as for a fact, you are a chartholder and the wise old SlouiseCar hasn’t been back for a while, who knows if he is chartholding at the moment.

I just hope he didn’t got cursed because of his swearing on the Schweser material and had to redirect his career in advertising.

So, as a chartholder, you should give example!

The “stinkin’ discolsure”… OMG…

You might still in time to post a template of a viable Generic Disclamer.

Before midnight or the CFA SWAT team will come and get you.

Good afternoon/night guys and thanks for the help Gebura,