Schwesers Secret sause

Did anybody buy this ? I’m thinking of buying it for time management and exam strategies. It is worth 100 $ ? Help me make the decision.

You need to pass!! Leave nothing to chance…that is if your firm is paying for it.

My company is not paying for anything

Oh, sorry!! I didn’t buy mine for L1 or L2…and I am here.

Well, I failed level 3 last years… I don’t want to take any chances. I had a problem managing my time in the afternoon, so I thought may be this will help. I take more time to read the big long questions and that is the reason I fall behind. Any suggestions?

I used SS for L2 last year and loved it. The price tag is a bit steep, but I’ve already purchased it for L3 and plan to read it in May.

All I wanted to know is that does SS have good strategies for time management which will help me, What do you think ?

Well, I haven’t read SS for L3 yet, but for L2, it did a fantastic job of hitting the main points in many sections. I expect the same of SS for L3 and would expect that it will give you the main points which I assume will be helpful in the morning section…long story short…yes, I think it’s a good idea for you to purchase it.

Thanks for your suggestion. One more question- does it give any exam strategies-time management type of thing ?

Have it and have been reading it for a little while… Love every part of it. Used it for 1 and 2. It does not go to deep but covers the topics well. In the back it has the essential exam strategies thing, which I never read. Best regards,

Thanks guys for the input.

I’ve bought the SS for the first time. I find it’s OK. To me it’s seems as a concise version of the notes, pretty much verbatim as the notes. I’ve read a few chapters and some of them I found lacking but others are good. Note that there is a sample available on Schweser’s website for study session 10 (2007). You can see for yourself what you think of it. I’ve done my own notes for Level II but I don’t think I have time to do so for Level III, so that’s the reason for this purchase. It certainly would not hurt to read it, but know that it is lacking in some areas compared to the notes. In terms of strategies - I’ve read them, but I don’t think they offer any “secrets”. Some of the discussion you can find on the Schweser website for free and also CFA website. Each chapter in SS covers an entire study session in just a few pages, so that’s great for review only. You cannot study from it. At this point I still don’t know if I would rely on it. It does omit certain formulas, which they may think are not critical, but I would not count on it.

Thanks Sa for the link and also for the clear answer I was looking for to help make my decision.

I cant believe Schweser is charging $ 27 for shipping to Canada … and the ebook is non printable …bastards …