Schwesser 16-weeks online class or Vedio CDs?

Which one is better? thanks

On-line class worked for me. Forced me to stay on pace. I believe it was a major reason for my success. Dr. Van Eaton gets to the point. He only answers pertinent questions after the first couple of class so that class time is not wasted. Well worth the investment.

Thank you , one more question, can I replay the online classes if Im not clear about something?

Yes, you can look at the classes in archive one day after the live class.

English lessons. They will do far more for your comprehension.

It depends on you. I used the video cd’s which are honestly great but others I know prefer going to class because it keeps you on track. A few disadvantages of the video cd’s are no teacher interaction, and its easy to get behind. A way I am going to use to reduce that risk is by attending the weekly Instructor-led Office Hours and using the study calender that schweser has.

I passed level 1 in June using only Schweser and got >70 in all sections except ethics. I recommend the video CD’s though I am not very familiar with the online classes. The VCD’s (especially FSA - fantastic instructor) were very detailed and for someone who did not have any finance background I could pace myself very well. I would first listen to the CD’s, read the slides, go back to listening to the CDs if needed and finally read the book. All the instructors would highlights important sections and areas likely to be tested on the exam. Even though I did practice questions for only the last 2 weeks I new the important areas going in.