Schwesser Mock Exam Results 70%, thoughts?

I’ve now taken Volume 1, Mock Exams 1 and 2, and am average right around 70%. What do you think?

I would say the mock papers in volume 1 are easy. It is getting harder in volume 2. Also, you should do the CFA papers on the website

As someone who is currently revisiting my volume 1 mock test errors from early November, I can attest to volume 1 being easier.

Don’t forget about CFAI mock, CFAI EOC and topic tests, supposedly those are closer to the test, and contain some material that is visited in more depth than Schweser.

no reason to panic i hope?

both tests were simulated under test conditions as well.

I would say no reason to panic, but as I am in the same situation as you I wouldn’t credit my opinion too much. Don’t take it as an excuse to study less though!

Impressed with many people in this forum scoring more than 70 in their mocks. My best score so far was 60+…

As am I, to a point where I’m re-evaluating how prepared I think I am.

Someone in their masters in my school who did level 1 already said to me that if you can get above 70% on schweser, you should be 90% likely to pass the exam. Don’t know how much credit I can give to that but I’d rather just over study.