Schwesser Practice Exams vs. CFA Sample Exams

Is there any reason why the CFA sample exams would be more beneficial to utilize than the Schwesser practice exams? Price of $40 for 60 MC questions just seems pretty steep.



Which CFAI exam are you talking about? I got the full practice exam (240 MC questions) from their website for free. Do they sell others exams in addition to this? I’ve got the 6 Schweser’s and QBank, and the CFAI exam so I think that’s enough for me. Starting to wonder if I’ll actually get through all of that before exam date considering each exam will involve post exam review to brush up on weak areas.

Ye, the exam you’re talking about is the mock exam which was recommended for review fairly close to the exam, the sample exams I am talking about are 2 MC exams which are 60 questions each cost $40 each and were recommended for review upon first read through of the material.

You need to read the beginning section in all of the CFAI volumes under “How to Use the CFA Program Curriculum”…after understanding that section, I don’t use third party study materials. I would recommend going through the Mock Exam until you can complete it at 100%. I would also do the sample exams twice, one time after you complete all of the readings and then a week before the actual exam after you have identified all of your weak areas in the Mock and first run through of the sample exams. In the meantime, keep reviewing EOC problems/EOC summaries and any notes that you have taken. You can take the sample exams more than once, initial cost is $40 and each additional re-take is $20.


When would you guys recommend taking the mock? ASAP? ive been taking schweser practice tests once a week and will take all of them again the two weeks before the exam. i planned to take the CFAI mock on may 12 (3 weeks before the exam), after substantial review and “warm-ups” with the schweser practice tests. would you suggest taking it sooner - leaving me more time to tighten up my weakest points?

Thats around when I am taking it as well, there is a poll of when most people are taking it and most people’s answer feel within the 2-4 week prior to the exam time frame. I am leaning towards to taking it closer end of that range either taking it same weekend or the following weekend.

CJ, that’s about the same general plan that I have. I just finished schweser mock 3 and plan to do another 1-2 of them before the CFAI mock. Not sure what is optimal or not but it sounds reasonable to me.