Schwesser/Stalla vs CFA *FSA*

Ok, I took the first CFA Mock. My overall was 76%, but my FSA was 58.33%. On the Stalla Mock, my overall was 85% and my FSA was 89%. I really don’t understand what is going on. I continue to score low on FSA on the CFA exams. Are the Stalla’s just not accurate for the real thing? Any thoughts on the difference for the FSA questions is appreciated. Daniel

i think the CFA mock FSA questions were less calculator-intensive, but perhaps different due to the fact that you would haver to know some obscure details. I felt that some of the Stalla FSA questions were more time-consuming due to the number of steps involved with the calculations. Not necessarily more difficult but certainly different in the way the questions were asked. I still feel that any practice is helpful at this point.

i found actual exam very close to CFA sample exams. Very conceptual. I don’t think you should worry about failing because your scores are great. In the next few days you might find it helpful to look through Secret Sauce to make sure you remember all major concepts and relationships.