Schwser Secret sauce or Wiley 11th Hour

Hello Friends

For Revision, I am looking forward to either go for Schweser secret sauce or Wiley 11th hour for CFA level II

Kindly Suggest , Which one to go for and reasons

Will be gratefull.

I bought both, the Wiley in paperback and SS in ebook format. The Wiley 11th HG is 300 pages, SS is more condensed at about 200 pages. They both cover the basics but interestingly sometimes highlight different aspects of the readings or offer different ways to think about/approach the same material. I used Schweser study materials for Level I, and opted for Wiley for Level II. I’m enjoying the Wiley Guide a bit more, if only because I like writing in the book, but SS provides some nice pointers that weren’t mentioned in the Wiley study guides.

One more thing, I wouldn’t buy SS in ebook format again because it’s not possible to adjust the font size. I read it on my iPad and after a long day my eyes are strained. The font size if fine though if I read it on my laptop, but then it’s less portable.

One last thing… :slight_smile:

I think the Wiley guide is comprehensive enough that I think I could have gotten away with not doing the reading on subjects that I’m stronger at - provided that I worked through the blue box readings and EOC.

Argh! I’m of no help.

So after spending another day revising, I’m starting to like Schweser’s SS more and more. Both the 11th Hour Guide and SS are strong in their own way. I prefer coverage of some readings better in SS and others in the 11th HG.

Sorry for not being helpful.

I have last years secret sauce and this years eleven hour guide, overall I like wiley better. Depends how comprehensive of a review you’re looking for but I think wiley hits all the main points.

I found secret sauce helpfuld as a reference guide. Not familiar with 11th hour.

Hi bobby, could you share your Wiley 11th hour guide for level II with me even if its for a small fee. My email is