Schwweser Practice Test 1 Afternoon Session Q1

This is one of the weirdest explation I have seen for any question. First in this question, she was reprimanded for working a 30-hr-a-week night job as a waitress while also working for another company as an intern full time. When asked about clarification on this, she claims that it turned out to be more work than she had originally planned, upto 65 hours a week.

We are asked to find violation of the any standards. Now, I would either point out either the discrepency or not telling employer about the job but the explanation goes on to suggest that since she is going to be tired working for 30 extra hours while working full time in another job is a violation of loyalty. Can anyone please let me know if loyalty standard says anything along these lines?

Well the question number is 61, to be precise.

Basically if one spend a considerable amount of time that will/might afect his full-time job, its a violation of Duties to Employer unless permission is granted.

I found that my biggest flaw in the Ethics section is that I attempt to use common sense. There is no room for common sense when it comes down to rules and regulation, just letter of the law.

After reading that my response would have been, “Wow, thats a motivated employee, working hard to afford to live in New York and accomplish her goals,” give her a raise and hire her as a full time employee so she can drop the waitress job." CFAI says… “how dare she take time away from her job in finance (in order to afford to eat and live)… punish her for such disregard of loyalty to employer.”

But hey thats me, in a less editorial response… she is taking time away from her employee and due to the amount of workload she is commiting herself to she is not able to give her “primary” employee all her attention and effort. As for disclosing her restaurant job to her “primary” employee, its none of their business unless you are making money doing the same line of work an/or there is a chance of competition (correct me if I am wrong on this).

Schweser gives these weird examples of ethics problems, I found the CFAI to be a lot more straight forward

i agree. no common sense. wait til you get the next test or two where the other dummy works as a bartender… but that isn’t a violation because it is only on the weekend.