Scientology is the one true faith.

Anyone going to catch the Louis Theroux documentary on it?.. No idea why they can’t do that with other bogus money making religions too…

The documentary South Park did on it was the best.

Has anyone done the “personality test” that they promote in those malls? What is that like? Or do the results just generally show that you qualify for level 26 of the space ship, so you should sign up immediately?

I did a personality test out of curiosity a few years back. The results basically always show some kind of flaw in you that could be corrected by taking their classes (for a nominal fee of course :wink:

Yes it was one of the greatest days of my life to pass the test. Its free to take and then if you pass its only $20K to see the results. After that its $10K more to interpret the results and then for those very committed its another $50K for privileged members that the faith has promised future vision through monetary rewards demonstrating that one is meant for the true faith of Scientology. Totally worth it. Everything makes sense now and its all thanks to Scientology. Fortunately they are kind and supportive people and for thinkg to continue to make sense its only $10K per year for members or more for next level. Life is great.