Score Improvement for Repeats

Since you are repeating you (probably) failed. What were your scores like last year and have they improved? I was getting like 65-70% on Schweser book6 and Failed Now I’m between 80-68% and am w/ a 74% overall average.

“Since you are repeating you (probably) failed.” this made me laugh. My scores are same.

last year: 50-64% (but with over 70 Eq and FSA) this year: 60 - 74% but I still have a bunch to do so no average. what I am finding, when I know it…Fab (83)…when I don’t…Fug (17)

My scores are the same :frowning: and I can’t really study Wed/Thurs due to travel for work.

last year - averaging late 60s…failed this year - averaged early 80s on mocks, late 70s on schweser…better freaking passs…