Scores are just not going up!

I’ve done CFAI mock and 4 of the schweser mocks. My scores are just hitting 70%. I heard if I wanna pass the exam for sure, I should aim to get 75+. It’s a bit frustrating now because I will only move on to the next mock before I’ve ensured I understood all of my errors and mistakes from the previous. But my scores are just not improving! It is really discouraging. Am I ever going to hit 75%?

Anyone in the same boat? Any advice?

70% is a great score. I would not worry that much.

Don`t become complacent though and keep on pushing. 100 % convinced that you will pass. Having two weeks to go and hitting 70% is a great indication that you will pass.

where did you get that 75%+ requirement? you’re either misinformed or showing off where most people are working their butts off trying to review and scrape by high 60s (judging by the 2 posts it’s the latter)