Scores are still the same :(

I started with 58-63 in mock…

I am studying weaker topics after the mock… but my scores are still the same… Demoralized by 56% today :frowning:

keep your chin up…still have two weeks.

You are not alone!!! I am in the same boat. I had been scoring 68% on almost every Mock exam Kaplan and CFAI, Couldn’t get the scores to increase for the life of me. I took 2010 and 2011 CFAI and 3 Kaplan Mocks, all the same score with one 57% thrown in just to keep it interesting. I took the 4th Kaplan Mock and scored 70/75. Thought I finally got over the hill, then I took the CFAI 2012 Morning session and got a 57%… completely demoralized. It destroyed me. I am now fighting to keep up studing and trying to pull through some how. I don’t know what happened, I have been studng for too long and I took that 2012 CFAI Mock and there were parts I had no clue on. Keep fighting, there are 2 weeks to go lets make it worth it. Accorfing to many of the (perhaps overly) optimistic posts I have gathered… 1) the real exam is a bit easier then the Mocks, and 2) plan on the curve passing mid 60’s. I don’t know if that info is correct or not, just what I am overhearing but hey… something to hope for. Keep up the good fight rinkicfa…and everone else

You’ll be fine. Instead of focusing on improving your scores, focus on improving types of problems. If you’re getting consistently <50 on one section, only work on problems from that section to improve.

Thanks CFAworldwide for such a motivating post… I feel better now :slight_smile:

stunnerrunner… thats what I have been doing… working on EOCs for weaker topics, but no help… but still I must practice as much as i can until the D-day… thanks :slight_smile:

Going through the Schweser Notes topic summaries is the most winning thing ever. Probably the best thing to do, if you’ve already done a few practice exams and are under 70. And if you don’t understand what you’re seeing in the topic summaries, you better look at the notes to learn it.

I have made my own notes… made them using schwesers and cfai text… i do go through them and understand it all… but either i forget or I fail to apply concepts correctly… so i guess, lack of practice … i did EOCs though…

almost the same problem with me; stuck at 63% (did on May 23rd) after doing so many mocks; trying to review the concepts; will try the last mock on Tuesday, then will leave it on luck. a bit discouraged…already invested well over 300 hours.