Scores declining and more careless mistakes due to Fatigue

Any veterans have any tips for this at this stage? Mock scores are starting to decline due to more and more careless errors due to fatigue, but I can’t take a day off today or tomorrow (saving it for Friday instead)…


I’ve been studying rigorously for the last month, and still practicing a lot of past year and mock papers. Yeah, sometimes I feel that those stupid mistakes coming from fatigue. Maybe will rest on Friday, but today is huge. Like loading data to RAM on the computer.

There are 10% on Ethics that surely will come up in the exams, so I am reading the Standards guidance again. And maybe do another set of AM and a set of PM. That will do for today.

I calculated a weighted average using 60% and 30%. It’s no wonder I wasn’t getting the right answer… I didn’t realize that until I had given up and come back with the answers. So it’s not just you.

^^Lol. Been there.

If you’ve taken a decent number of mocks I wouldn’t take another one at this point. Reading through the AM guideline answers wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point.

I did 2006-2013 AMs and 2010 - 2012 PM plus all 3 2014 PMs… maybe 1 more PM (2013) and I’m done with mocks… yeah, great sugestion just reading thru the answers, esp for AM.

^ did you copy my study plan!?

I’m hoping it’s gotta be fatigue too. I’m going to enjoy the Stanley Cup and the NBA finals and zone out until Saturday morn. Life is so brutally short each time you are reincarnated.